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“My teams have loved working with Keith over the past 10 years.  We have planned one day team building activities and we have spent a week at camp training over spring break.  He brings out the best in the girls.  They leave knowing each other better, knowing themselves better, and understanding what they need to do to help each teammate perform at their best.  Keith does a great job teaching the girls how to deal with adversity, how to lead, how to communicate better and how to work together to achieve lofty goals.  He is very perceptive.  He gets to know the girls and quickly picks up on the team dynamic.  He is then able to push their buttons and see how different players react.  The post activity discussions are athlete lead and always insightful.  As a coach, the knowledge gained during these sessions are awesome.  I learn so much about each player and often find new leaders or new roles for several players.  Last year we started our season 5-5 and we spent a day with Keith at a very frustrating time for our team.  It was the spark we needed to then go 15-1 all the way to the PIAA State final”.

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