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OPA Team OlympicsTeamOlympics

Our Team Olympic Team Building Events are a fast-paced, non-stop day of fun and team building. Our Team Olympic programs are fun focused and are a great way to energize, enhance team bonding, and team camaraderie. In this exciting and competitive (not too competitive) team building program you will be engaged in a series of mental, physical, and creative challenges that will capitalize on the advantages of teamwork and collaboration. Points are awarded for each Team Olympic Event and each team will be competing for the “Gold”. Success will hinge on its time management skills, strategy, execution, and use of resources. The OPA Team Olympic Programs is built to fit your team dynamics and team culture and can be held almost anywhere your group decides to meet: a resort, nearby park your facility, or at the OPA Retreat Center.Pipeline

Why We Recommend Our Team Olympics for Your Team

  • Participants experience team camaraderie and team unity in a very short amount of time.
  • The combination of sophisticated physical, intellectual and creative challenges is inclusive to all levels of physical ability.
  • Participants are required to make both big picture decisions and to consider the details.
  • The quick pace of the program enhances the learning process and keeps all participants engaged.
  • It is dynamic, very interactive, and easily customized towards the dynamics and culture of your group.
  • It engages all learning styles and incorporates the strengths and abilities of each team member.
  • The program is portable and can be held indoors or outdoors.

Program Length: 2 Hours, Half-day, Full day

Program Size: 15 – 100+

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