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Stress for Success: College Stress ManagementCWK057LH

Our College version of our Stress for success program is designed to help with College Stress Management. Stress is something that we commonly talk about in our society. However, we rarely take time to define Stress. What is Stress? What causes Stress? How do we experience stress? Most importantly, what can we do to manage our stress? While stress is often discussed in terms of negative impact, it can be beneficial. With College Stress Management, we learn that a healthy level of stress is necessary for optimal performance. However, it is when stress interferes with our functioning, rather than optimizing our functioning, that we begin to experience harmful effects.

Many students who are leaders in campus activities are also leaders in the classroom, striving to maintain high grades. Many student leaders feel the dual pressure of academic expectations and multiple extracurricular responsibilities. It is not uncommon for a student leader to feel like there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. The success of a campus event, the publication of a student newspaper or yearbook, the opportunity to advocate for the student body, may depend on an individual student. It is not surprising that student leaders feel extraordinary amounts of stress, especially when extracurricular activities coincide with examination periods.Our Stress for Success programs are not your ordinary cut and dry stress management sessions. Our stress management workshops are dynamic, extremely interactive, and fun. Our proven stress management programs will:

  • Provide each student with a hands-on learning experience that will promote personal growth and performance.
  • Help students identify their own stress reactions
  • Gain an awareness of how stress is helpful and harmful
  • Identify changes in lifestyle that may lead to less stress
  • Help each student develop positive routines that will help manage stress
  • Help you learn how to stay cool, calm, and focused under pressure
  • Incorporate the latest stress management techniques that will help you win the mental game of work and life.
  • Use formats that include innovative and dynamic activities that will fully engage your team.

Our Stress for Success program can be conducted at your location, an off-site meeting location, or at the OPA Retreat Center. Formats vary in length depending on your goals and objectives.

Program Length: 90 minutes, 2 hours,  3 hours

Program Size: 8- 200

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