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Advanced Adventure Education for Physical Education

OPA’s Comprehensive Advanced Adventure Education for Physical Education is a structured, research-based program that improves physical well-being, social skills and behavior in K-12 students.This is one of OPA’s most popular workshops for physical education teachers. In this workshop each PE teacher will learn how to incorporate adventure games and activities into the PE curriculum. PE teachers will experience, first hand, specific activities and initiatives that will promote: movement concepts and the use of motor skills, fitness, self-confidence and self-esteem, leadership skills, communication skills, the student’s ability to formulate and achieve goals, mutual support and respect toward differences; develop the abilities that contribute to group decision-making and problem solving. All activities are aligned with State and National Physical Education Standards. This workshop can take place at your site or at the OPA Retreat Center.

Advanced and Introduction Tracks are offered.

Program can incorporate high ropes course at the OPA Retreat Center.

Program Length: 2 Hour, Half-day, Full Day, Multiple Days

Program Size: 6 – 100+

Optimal Performance Associates is an Approved Professional Development Provider for the New Jersey Department of Education and are aligned with National Character Education Requirements.

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