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Sometimes the difference between winning and losing are those intangibles. This hands-on workshop is based on Keith Waldman’s book “Beyond the X’s & O’s Team Chemistry Playbook. Coaching Athletic Excellence is a train the trainer workshop that is one of our most popular workshops for coaches. This dynamic and highly interactive workshop can be designed for coaches of all levels and age groups.  This workshop will explore the specific principles and building blocks of Coaching Athletic Excellence and developing the Inner Athlete. In this workshop each coach will experience first-hand; specific activities, insights, strategies, and drills that will promote team chemistry, mental toughness, and help you develop a culture of success. Activities will focus on:

  • High Performing Teamwork
  • Team Communication
  • Taking Accountability
  • Building a Supportive Atmosphere
  • Playing Through Mistakes & Adversity
  • Appreciation of Team Roles
  • Leadership Development
  • Mental Toughness
  • Confidence Building Drills
  • Mission Building
  • Building Team Camaraderie
  • Competition & Collaboration

Each participant will receive a copy of the “Beyond the X’s & O’s playbook.

Program Length: 90 Minutes, 2 Hour, Half-day or Full day

Program Size: 8-100

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