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“Mr. Waldman has worked with our program the last two seasons.  Working in very different roles each year, he zoned in on our needs at the time.  The first year was during a season where we didn’t lose a match until the state championship.  As strong as we were physically, it was obvious that we were struggling mentally.  He worked with our program on looking at situations as “opportunity” rather than “pressure”.   The girls absorbed every word that he said, and then implemented for the remainder of the season.  I attribute much of our success to him by balancing us mentally in a time of need.   The element of the game that Keith brings to programs is one that I will no longer look over, seeing the mass impact that it had on our team.
During this past season, we had graduated 7 seniors the previous season and knew we would struggle with leadership. Keith came in the first week of the season and started working with our program.  He choreographed activities that he knew would highlight both our strengths and weaknesses.  It was amazing to stand back and see what weaknesses would service in a quick 3 hour session.  
Both seasons, Keith remained  in contact with me throughout the season.  He would check in to hear my thoughts and would give feedback and support. Keith would also watch matches and observe the players and coaching staff behaviors.  After the matches, through email or in person, we would discuss what he saw and the next step to improve where we could.  Not only have my players gotten stronger mentally together as a team, but more importantly, they have learned life long habits they will use individually.   I, personally, have grown significantly as a coach  and wish I had worked with Keith from the beginning of my coaching career.  Keith opened my eyes to situations and spoke truth for the overall betterment of our program.  I feel very fortunate and privileged to have worked with Keith the last two years.” I am looking forward to year number three!

Erika McGinley
Special Education Dept.
Cherokee High School
Head Varsity Volleyball Coach

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