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Who is OPA Winning Teams? Optimal Performance Associates was founded in 1997 by Keith Waldman with his passion to develop innovative and exciting workshops that will produce positive results and ensure long lasting success. Our mission is to provide each organization with a dynamic learning experience that will promote the enhancement of relationships and the building of tangible skills through customized team building programs, seminars, and retreats. Keith Waldman and his associates provide high level sports teams, businesses, and schools with key insights, strategies, and the tools to perform at the highest levels. Whether you choose an in-depth workshop that will explore a specific theme or a workshop that will focus on fun, team camaraderie and rejuvenation we are committed to providing you with an exciting and memorable experience that will teach you how to succeed.

About the founder

Mr. Keith Waldman received his BA in Psychology at SUNY at Plattsburgh, a Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan and a Masters Degree in Sport Psychology from Temple University and he has extensive training in adventure education from Project Adventure Inc. Keith has been actively involved in a wide variety of public and private organizations focusing on interpersonal practice, teambuilding, and sport psychology. Keith has been a popular speaker for many collegiate and high school athletic programs and conferences. He has conducted hundreds of workshops for sport teams and athletic departments across the nation, including State, Conference, and National Championship Teams. Keith has been an approved NCAA speaker and has facilitated workshops for the NCAA focusing on leadership, team-building, and sport psychology. In addition to his work with athletics, Keith has facilitated hundreds of exciting workshops for many K-12 schools and corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies focusing on teambuilding, leadership, and interpersonal practice. His passion and commitment as well as his educational and professional experience have enabled Keith to make a tremendous impact on many athletic, educational, and corporate teams.

Our Associates

Our staff is what set’s up apart! Our senior facilitators will go to great heights to make your program fun, effective, and rewarding. Some of our staff have been with the company since its inception and have helped build the company’s professional reputation. Our facilitators have a diverse mix of skills knowledge, and educational background. Our senior facilitators are highly experienced and have strong backgrounds in organizational development, psychology, sport psychology, education, group dynamics, and leadership development. Some of our other facilitators have built their skills through outdoor leadership and experiential group process. The critical element that this team embraces is a true commitment to program success, quality customer service, and high ethical standards

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To learn more about how Optimal Performance Associates can support your team building needs, feel free to email or call us at 1-888-868-3380. We will be happy to answer your questions and to schedule a meeting or phone conference to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building needs.