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Team Building for Student-Athlete Orientation

Our Team Olympic programs are a fast-paced, non-stop day or half day of fun, competition, and team building. This exciting workshop will enhance the camaraderie and building of relationships among your student athletes. By working in small teams each student-athlete will have the opportunity to work with their fellow student-athletes from other sports teams. The program will kickoff with fun and competitive relays, warm ups, and tag games. Each Olympic Team will be engaged in a series of mental, physical, and creative challenges that will capitalize on collaboration and teamwork. Points are awarded for each Team Olympic Event. Teams will vie back and forth for the top place finishes – and the medals and bragging rights that go along with it.The student-athlete team building orientation program can focus on such themes/goals as the following:

  • The value of each team member’s input to building community
  • The importance of having fun and group cohesion
  • The development of a student-athlete support network
  • The enjoyment of appropriate competition and cooperative play
  • The opportunity to practice working towards goals with other student-athletes

You can take this program to another level by having OPA train your student-athlete leaders or SAAC Group to co-lead this workshop. Prior to the Team Olympics or Student-Athlete Orientation our highly skills facilitators will train your student-athlete leaders on how to lead each team building event. This is a wonderful opportunity for your student-athlete leaders to connect with their fellow student-athletes while working on their own leadership skills.


Program Length: 2 hours, Half-day, & Full day 

Format: Multiple formats are available

Program Size: 15 – 1000

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