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MazeThe Navigating Through the Maze of Transition workshop was designed with the understanding that every change, whether it is expected or unexpected, brings with it mixed emotions. When there is a big change, such as transitioning into middle school, high school, or college there’s opportunity for both excitement and there is much anxiety the student will experience. Kids worry about whether they will be able to maintain old friendships and start new one; how to navigate an unfamiliar school, potential bullying situations, and fulfilling the expectations of new teachers are just a few areas of stress.

OPA’s workshop on change & transition is definitely not your ordinary workshop! This innovative workshop is very exciting and designed for students who are transitioning into a new phase of their education (i.e. elementary into middle & middle into high school). This interactive and engaging program will personally connect with your students and will ease their anxieties about the future. Students are engaged in a series of fun and challenging experiential activities that will help each student understand the issues related to transition & change. In addition, each student will learn how to apply effective strategies on how to navigate through the maze of change and transition. The selection of activities and debriefing will be designed for the specific needs and the age of each group.

Program Length: 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 2 hour

Group Size 8 – 100+

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