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Optimal Performance Associates, LLC proudly presents Team Chemistry Playbook. For teams of all levels, this book contains Ideas and Activities that enhance Team Chemistry and Mental Toughness. Author & Mentor, Keith Waldman, MA, MSW shares with you insight into creating your winning team.For over 15 years I have very been very fortunate to pursue my dream job and I have had the privilege of working with many terrific athletes, coaches, and teams that have inspired me to write the OPA Team Chemistry Playbook.

I have found what often separates athletes/teams from each other is a strong mental game and team chemistry. The teams who are composed and the teams who believe in themselves and each other are frequently the ones who come out on top.The OPA Team Chemistry Playbook has been created to give you practical ideas and activities that will help you improve team chemistry and mental toughness.

The activities, exercises, and articles in this playbook with focus on what I call the 12 building blocks of high performing teams. This playbook includes many team chemistry exercises, strategies, ideas, and articles about how to build the inner athlete. Topics include: building self-confidence, goal setting, focus, handling pressure, and team chemistry.Throughout the playbook you will notice a variety of articles written on a mental game topic as well as activities and ideas that will promote team chemistry and mental toughness. Each activity will come complete with the goals/objectives, set up, equipment, activity directions, and debriefing questions that will help you lead and process the activity with the team and then transfer the key lessons back to the team. This book will give you what you need to take your team to the next level.

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