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OPA Customized Corporate Team Building

Our corporate team building workshops are not your ordinary programs just to make your group feel group for a few days. OPA’s customized team building programs are cutting edge and focus on building higher levels of team performance. Our corporate team building programs accomplish this through highly dynamic and experiential activities. Each session is designed to capitalize on the advantages of teams and teamwork. Because no two teams are ever alike, we customize our Team Building Programs to meet the dynamics and culture of your group. Prior to the program, OPA will conduct an initial needs assessment through telephone interview or meeting directly with 2-3 key members of the team. In addition OPA can provide each member with needs assessment questionnaire to each member of the team. The information received will serve as a foundation for the design and execution of the team building experience. This information helps us better understand team dynamics, team make-up, and what areas of improvement need to be addressed.

OPA offers the following team building programs: 

Customized Team Initiatives

StickingTogether1Our customized team initiatives program utilize high energy team building activities that get everybody up and moving, indoors or outdoors. These team building activities are physical challenges appropriate for corporate professionals and they are an excellent way to accelerate team performance. Each activity is customized with specific metaphors that will relate key strategies and principles that will transfer back to your organization. Our Team Initiatives are results oriented, Build Trust, Promote Problem Solving, Leadership, Accountability, Support, Team Communication, Team Commitment, & Integrity. Our expert facilitators will help your team focus on key organizational goals and strategies. Half, full, and multiple day programs are available.

Team Expedition Programs

The OPA Team Expedition Program is one of our most exciting and one of our most popular team building events. In this action oriented team building program each team must work together in a timed event to acquire the greatest number of points or revenue for completing a series of team challenges. To be successful each team must tap into the talents and abilities of each team member to overcome a series of team building activities, challenges, and obstacles. Each team member will learn the value of:

  • Team trust
  • Team Communication
  • Commitment to Common Goals
  • Interpersonal support
  • Accountability
  • Risk-taking & Stretching One’s Comfort Zone
  • Appreciation of Team Roles
  • Innovation & Problem Solving

WebEach team’s success will hinge on its strategy, time management skills, team support, use of resources, and team innovation. The day concludes with creative team presentations that capture the key lessons learned from the day.  The OPA Team Expedition Program is built to fit your team dynamics and team culture and can be held almost anywhere your group decides to meet: a resort, nearby park, your facility, or at our Retreat Center.  This program can be designed for groups as small as 16 and as large as 500+, for all ages and levels of physical ability. Read more

 The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is the Ultimate Team Challenge where teams race against time to accumulate points to be the Amazing Race Champions. Experience the same excitement as contestants on The Amazing Race television show…right in a city near you. Teams will race against time to complete a series of team building challenges. Each team will encounter challenges (which may include the use of GPS units), road blocks, and detours as they earn as many points as possible. The OPA Amazing Race program will focus on:

  • High levels of communication
  • Planning
  • Collaboration & Competition
  • Team strategy
  • Performing under pressure
  • Appreciation of Team Roles
  • Leadership

StepStones1Throughout the race, each team conducts self-directed debriefs, capturing key lessons about how to work together effectively. At the end of your Amazing Race each team will have the opportunity to recount their adventures in presentations that highlight themes and lessons learned from the experience that can be transferred back to the workplace.Teams will be supplied with all the necessary equipment and materials to successfully navigate the race. Our Amazing Races are tailored to your group and is customized to the location of your choice. Locations may require pre-race scouting to verify viability and customization of the location for an Amazing Race.

OPA Corporate Team Olympics:

PhilaCommunityHeliumStickOur Corporate Team Olympic Team Building Events is a fast-paced, non-stop day of fun and team building. Our Team Olympic programs are fun focused and are a great way to energize, enhance team bonding, and team camaraderie. In this exciting and competitive (not too competitive) team building program you will be engaged in a series of mental, physical, and creative challenges that will capitalize on the advantages of teamwork and collaboration. Activities focus on problem-solving, communication skills, team planning, innovation, leadership, a commitment towards common goals. Points are awarded for each Team Olympic Event and each team will be competing for the “Gold”. Success will hinge on its time management skills, strategy, execution, and use of resources. The OPA Team Olympic Programs are built to fit your team dynamics and team culture and can be held almost anywhere your group decides to meet: a resort, nearby park your facility, or at the OPA Retreat Center.

Raising the Bar: Building a High Performing Corporate Team

RaiseBar2Created by OPA Co-Partner, Mr. Keith Waldman, the OPA Raising the Bar program is one of our most dynamic, exciting, and fun programs for corporate teams. This powerful team-building workshop explores the specific principles and building blocks of high performing teams. Each participant attending this workshop will experience a highly dynamic and interactive activities while learning tangible skills teamwork and peak performance skills that will take your group to a high level of performance. Whether you choose a 90 minute or a 3 hour session your team dynamics will be accelerated and your group will transfer key lessons and tangible skills back to the workplace.

This workshop will focuses on following principles:

  • Teamwork
  • Competition & Collaboration
  • Leadership
  • Effective Team Communication
  • Risk Taking
  • Taking Accountability
  • Building Trust & Commitment
  • Confident Mindset & Focus
  • Commitment to Common Goals
  • Appreciation of Team Roles
  • Managing adversity

The Ultimate Corporate Team Energizer & Kickoff

UltimEnergize1The OPA Ultimate Team ice-breaker and energizer workshops are highly innovative and will get your team mixing and mingling in a fun supportive atmosphere. This team building workshop is an excellent way to kickoff a meeting or to take a break from a meeting with a traditional format. Our team energizers are brief team building exercises that are very dynamic, high energy, interactive, and fun! Our corporate team energizers will immediately set a positive tone to let people know that this meeting will be nothing like past traditional meetings! Corporate Team Energizers give people a needed physiological boost and a mental break from the usual meeting format. Program Length: 15 minutes to 1 hour.

Our Ultimate Corporate Meeting Energizers include:

  • Train Wreck
  • Things In Common
  • Categories
  • Human Bingo
  • Three Emoticons
  • History of the High Five
  • Sumo
  • Gotcha
  • Everybody’s It
  • And Many More Activities
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