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The Amazing Race is the Ultimate Team Challenge where teams race against time to accumulate points to be the Amazing Race Champions. Experience the same excitement as contestants on The Amazing Race television show…right in a city near you. Teams will race against time to complete a series of team building challenges. Each team will encounter challenges (which may include the use of GPS units), road blocks and detours as they earn as many points as possible. The OPA Amazing Race program will focus on:

  • High levels of communication
  • Planning
  • Collaboration & Competition
  • Team strategy
  • Performing under pressure
  • Appreciation of Team Roles
  • Leadership

Throughout the race, each team conducts self-directed debriefs, capturing key lessons about how to work together effectively. At the end of your Amazing Race each team will have the opportunity recount their adventures in presentations that highlight themes and lessons learned from the experience that can be transferred back to the workplace.Teams will be supplied with all the necessary equipment and materials to successfully navigate the race. Our Amazing Races are tailored to your group and is customized to the location of your choice. Locations may require pre-race scouting to verify viability and customization of the location for an Amazing Race.

Why We Recommend the OPA Amazing Race program for Your Team

  • Dynamic and Fast Paced
  • Participants experience team camaraderie as a result of successfully solving problems together.
  • The combination of sophisticated physical, intellectual and creative challenges offers something for everyone.
  • It is highly interactive, customized to the culture of your group, and fun.
  • Focuses on High levels of communication, planning, strategy, collaboration & Trust
  • It engages all learning styles, and respects individual differences, and capacities
  • Participants gain confidence in their problem-solving skills as they match their wits to a wide  variety of challenges.
  • Teams share a sense of accomplishment upon completion of the program that greatly increases trust and rapport.

Program Size: 15 – 500 participants

Program Length: Half-day to one day

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