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Moonball1 Adventure Learning Adapted Physical Education workshop comes at a great time as the numbers of general physical educators who, for the first time, are including students with disabilities are rising, so is the number of questions and concerns regarding these inclusionary experiences. The Adventure Learning Adapted Physical Education workshop can be geared towards elementary, middle or high school general physical educators.The Adventure Learning Adapted Physical Education workshop will include discussion and participation actually “trying-out” ways for including students with disabilities. Our goal is to reduce the anxieties often related to the unknown associated with inclusion of students with a disability into a general physical education class. Participants will go away with practical strategies and activities that will assist them during this inclusionary process. PE teachers will experience, first hand, specific activities and initiatives that will promote: movement concepts and the use of motor skills, self-confidence and self-esteem, communication skills, the student’s ability to formulate and achieve goals, mutual support and respect toward differences; develop the abilities that contribute to group decision-making and problem solving. All activities are aligned with State and National Physical Education Standards.

Program Length: 2 Hour, Half-day, Full day

Program Size: 6 – 100+

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