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Blocks-opaWhy teambuilding training? Team building involves many levels of attention. It demands a clear understanding and sensitivity toward the various members of the team. Mutual respect, cooperation, interdependence, communication, enjoyment, and an increased level of trust of one another should be created. In its simplest form, team building occurs when members are able to experience each other in a wide variety of situations. Such experience can be either task-oriented or focus more directly on maintenance or process dimensions of group behavior. Today we will focus on the process of team building itself and the mental skills that can enhance your job performance. This team building training provides permission for your group, and the individuals within your group, to look at their own mental modes and behavior and allow them to explore new, more effective ways of approaching individual and team performance.

Groups: Why they don’t succeed

Working in groups can make some people feel uncomfortable. In a group, you don’t get your own way. You must defer to others at least some of the time. Discussions can be confusing, individual differences can explode to produce heightened conflict. Additionally, fear may be intensified by group dynamics – fear of appearing foolish or regarded as low status, fears of being scapegoated or being dumped on, fears of not fitting in or being an outcast, and fears about outcomes. There is also some sense of loss of control. Lastly, most of us have difficulty working with groups because we don’t know how to work well with others and this inexperience promotes avoidance.

Groups: Why they succeed

frontpageGroup experiences can be exhilarating. There is a bond formed when working with others and being mutually involved with searching for possible solutions rather than feeling alone and overwhelmed. There isthe caring and closeness that develops among members that know each other, as they never did before. There is the insight of listening to someone and suddenly understanding yourself. There is the wonder of watching people decide to change. There is the joy of experiencing the click when finding the right solution. There is the shared pleasure of achieving a common goal.

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