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tcnjQuotes from The College of New Jersey Men’s Basketball TeamThe College of New Jersey men’s basketball players had different memories or what they gained the most during their workshop activities with Keith Waldman:

Senior guard Bobby Henning: “Just cooperation. You can have as many individuals on one team, and if you’re not playing together as a team,  then what gets in your way is no cooperation”.

Senior Guard: Kyle Burke: “He stressed a lot of not pointing fingers. If someone screws up, you all screw up.”

Senior Forward: Derick Grant: “I’d say teamwork. In the beginning there were mats on the floor and everybody was tied to each other.  And the person behind you was blind folded. You couldn’t individually cross (the mat) by yourself. You had to worry about who was behind you -incorporate the team and not just yourself.”

Redshin Junior Forward Scott Findlay:   I think trusting your team is what we accomplished as the goal for everybody. The big thing was if you tried  to do it all yourself, you just couldn’t do it yourself.”

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