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“I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for your years of service to Padua Academy students. Your work truly has become service, as you go above and beyond to inspire and empower our students. Our freshman classes truly do bond because of their participation in your amazing program. Of course, we loved our years of in-person events; however, I can tell you that we, staff members and students alike, all benefited from this August’s virtual event. I was just in a meeting with freshman teachers, and, time and time again, reference was made to the team building we did with you.  Not only did the students benefit, but also it helped the staff form connections with our new freshmen and deepen relationships with one another. Furthermore, I have had parents of freshmen thank me for the event, mentioning that it lifted their daughters’ spirits and settled their nerves about starting a new school. We cannot thank you enough. You are a gift!”

Shanna Rossi,
Director of Advancement and Alumnae
Padua Academy

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