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NU LOGO“Thank you for all that you did for our team this season. I really think all the team building, team chemistry and mental preparation tactics you brought to our team really helped us. Although our record at the end of the season was not what we had hoped for, I do believe that our team chemistry was so great and the team attitudes were so strong and positive, it was just awesome… and I do think that in a large part had a lot to do with your help. I thought that you really helped our team come together in so many different ways. I know as a captain I really appreciated how you had the ability to help our underclassmen (especially the freshmen) connect with everyone so quickly. I do think that this really helped out our team throughout the season– as it was apparent that there were no real class differentials. Again, thank you for your help and continued support throughout the season; I know that I can speak for the team in saying thank you.”

Student-Athlete from Northeastern University

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