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“Keith’s program has been instrumental in bringing the Shawnee Green Dot trained students to a greater knowledge of themselves and each other. From the moment Keith began working with them he put them at ease with his activities and his perspective on teambuilding. He helped the group not only get to know each other but to see what strengths and qualities they each had as they learned to work together as a team to complete a task. I was amazed how they were smiling right away at the beginning of the first activity. Each student in Green Dot has a different personality and they learned to appreciate each other and draw on their strengths. This helped the kids get to know each other fast and then be able to work as a team. Keith was very creative with his activities. It has helped our group move forward and jump into working together on various projects and presentations so far this year”.

logo_Shawnee_hsHeidi Krihak, Ed.S.,SAC
Substance Awareness Counselor
Shawnee High School
Life Club Advisor, Military Liaison, Green Dot, I&RS

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