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This was the first time (2017) that Keith Waldman worked with our field hockey program at Franklin & Marshall College and he was able to make an impact right away. He came for an entire day during our pre-season and worked with our team on their communication, accountability, and leadership skills. We could tell the immediate impact that surged after that day. His team building activities brought out the best in our student athletes from our seniors down to our freshman. He helped cultivate an environment on our team where everyone had a voice.  As the regular season dwindled down, Keith had reached out to see if we would like to do another session before post season play began. The four hours Keith spent with our team before Centennial Conference playoffs is what many of our athletes attributed to our successful post season run (Centennial Conference Championship & NCAA Final Four). We had an amazing team chemistry but tended to put a lot of our pressure on ourselves. His activities that evening helped every single one of our players forget about past mistakes, think about games as opportunities not pressure, and taught them to enjoy being in the moment. There was a huge shift in mentality from that moment forward and we went on to win the Centennial Conference Championship on the road, posted three NCAA victories, and made it the Final Four for the first time at F&M since 1983.  What he brought out of our team this year was absolutely incredible. We are looking forward to working with him for years to come!

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