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“For the last two years Optimal Performance Associates took an original approach to our Leadership Training at the annual CUNYAC Leadership Seminar. Rather than dictate a set of skills to learn over time or merely engage in open discussion about the challenges of leadership, OPA lead a series of interactive activities and games that forced student-athletes into positions of leadership. The activities that focused on self-confidence were clever ways to ease the nerves of the participants and to highlight the importance of focus and clarity in leaders. Other activities focused on the essential skills of leadership, like planning, having a focus, dealing with pressure, and positive communication skills. What was most helpful about the seminar was understanding that leadership is not only comprised of a series of skills, but, more importantly, it is a state of mind and of being – one that a leader must sustain continually in order to be the example for others to follow.”

Catherine Alves – PresidentCUNY Athletic Conference SAAC

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