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What Every Coach Needs to Build a Championship Culture!

Book your Team Building, Leadership, and Mental Toughness workshops

The upcoming spring season will be here before you know it and now is a good time to book your pre-season team building, leadership, and mental toughness workshops. For over 18 years OPA Winning Teams has been working with hundreds of Collegiate and High School Athletic Programs including National, Conference, and State Championship teams. Our dynamic team building workshops are designed to build a championship culture and give each team a mental edge.  Our activities will connect and motivate today’s generation of student-athletes and are customized towards the dynamics and culture of each team.

Topics addressed in our workshops include

  • Team Chemistry
  • Build Trust and Commitment
  • Team Support & Communication
  • Appreciation of Team Roles
  • Leadership & Accountability
  • Commitment to Common Goals
  • Playing Through Mistakes & Handling Adversity
  • How to Build & Performance with Self-Confidence

Why Choose OPA

  • Proven track record, follow up, and we have made a tremendous impact on hundreds of teams.
  • We are passionate about field hockey and working with athletes/coaches.
  • We know what it takes to lead, compete, and succeed at the highest levels.
  • We pride our self on our dedication & commitment towards our clients.
  • We are goal/results oriented and our focus is to building tangible teamwork, leadership, & mental skills.
  • Our sessions are dynamic, innovative, and are sports specific.
  • Each team will experience a memorable and positive team experience that will promote personal growth.

To get more information about our Team Building, Leadership, and Winning the Mental Game workshops or to brainstorm ideas for your team please call our office at 856-988-2939 or by email at keith@opawinningteams.com.


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To learn more about how Optimal Performance Associates can support your team building needs, feel free to email or call us at 1-888-868-3380. We will be happy to answer your questions and to schedule a meeting or phone conference to discuss how we can address your company's specific team building needs.