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Build a Team Culture for Athletic Success

There is much more to becoming a championship caliber team than the skill level of each player. The amount of teamwork, communication, and mutual respect is crucial in becoming a high performing team. A vital component of winning the mental and team game of sport is Building a Championship Culture. While winning a championship ring is awesome, the most vivid memories and feelings that stay with a team are the special relationships that are developed throughout the season. The challenges they faced together, the successes they shared, and the tears they shed. When it’s all said and done your players will look back not just on the number of wins or titles but the relationships they formed with teammates and coaches.

I have found the more cohesive a team is, the more your players will take risks and reach peak performances. Team Chemistry will help your team rise to greater levels because they will be playing not just for themselves but for each other. I have found that teams, who have a high level of trust and support within the group, will feel safe enough to take risks on the field and as a result they will play to win rather than worrying about making mistakes on the field. These teams realize that winning takes more than just performance. It takes the full contribution of each team member. The teams that I worked with who competed on a high level worked on building a culture where each felts safe enough to risk failure. These realized that they can’t do it alone and that everybody must contribute their own special talent. When teams believe in themselves and in each other that’s when cool things tend to happen.

Teams with Championship Cultures develop team values and standards of behavior. Values are so important because they guide the decisions and choices you and your athletes make as a team and as individuals. Whatever you value most is where you will devote your time, effort, and energy. Here is a list of values that I believe are essential for individual and team success:

  • Accountability & No Excuses
  • Hard work/Determination
  • Focus on the Process not Outcomes
  • Teamwork
  • Trust in Self & Teammates
  • Appreciation of Roles
  • Open and Honest Communication
  • Respect of Self and Competition
  • Take Risks & Learn from Failure
  • Leadership
  • Focus on the Controllables

Keith Waldman Bio: For over a decade Mr. Keith Waldman has been a partner with Optimal Performance Associates, LLC. Keith has been a popular speaker for many collegiate and high school athletic programs and conferences. He has conducted hundreds of workshops for Division I-III sport teams and athletic departments across the nation, including State, Conference, and National Championship Teams. In addition to his work with athletics, Keith has facilitated hundreds of exciting workshops for many K-12 schools and corporations, including many Fortune 500 companies focusing on interpersonal practice, team building, and performance. To get more information about his team building programs or to order the Beyond the X’s & O’s Team Chemistry Playbook you can visit the OPA website at www.opawinningteams.com or call Keith Waldman at (888) 868-3380. You can contact Keith Waldman by email at Keith@opawinningteams.com.



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