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Beyond the X’s & O’s
10 Ways a Player Can Positively Impact Team Chemistry

  1. Positive Attitude on/off fieldjJHUHuddle
  2. Make an effort to get to know your teammates
  3. Pick someone up who had a tough day or is not playing well
  4. Break the ice with a new player
  5. Role model positive self-talk especially when things are not going well
  6. Speak highly of your teammates and coach
  7. Find something fun or positive in a bad situation
  8. Eliminate cliques
  9. Focus on your teammates needs not just your own
  10. Keep working on team chemistry

Tips on Positive Team Communication & Player/Coach Communication

  1. Keep an open mind and make a true effort to listen
  2. Words said or unsaid can be misinterpreted
  3. Be clear and direct in communicating standards, goals, & expectations
  4. Positive: Tell players what to do rather them telling them what not to do, Give specific information about how to improve rather than getting on a players case
  5. Performance Communication: Short, direct , to the point
  6. Keep Positive Body Language even when frustrated
  7. Catch them doing something good and acknowledge it
  8. Show respect: Be Fair & Consistent
  9. Show Compassion – Take a personal interest in your players or teammates
  10. Role model what you expect from your players. If you want your players to be composed and positive you need to role model that behavior as well.

About Keith Waldman – Mr. Keith Waldman received his BA in Psychology at SUNY at Plattsburgh, a
Masters in Social Work from the University of Michigan and a SelfworkingHardMasters Degree in Sport Psychology from Temple University and he has extensive training in adventure education from Project Adventure Inc. Keith has been a popular speaker for many collegiate and high school athletic programs and conferences. He has conducted hundreds of workshops for sport teams and athletic departments across the nation, including State, Conference, and National Championship Teams. Keith has facilitated hundreds of exciting workshops for many K-12 schools and corporations focusing on professional development, teambuilding, leadership, and character education. His passion and commitment as well as his educational and professional experience have enabled Keith to make a tremendous impact on many athletic, educational, and corporate teams. To receive more information about workshops for your school, team, or organization you can reach Keith Waldman at (888) 868-3380, Email keith@opawinningteams.com or you can access the OPA website at www.opawinningteams.com.


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